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We work with public and private sector, as well as with individuals, to provide leadership coaching at the the most sophisticated and innovative level in the industry.  We offer focus groups and recommendations to understand team environments, 1:1 leadership coaching, Socratic-style leadership classes, and motivational speaking.  We don't fit a mold.  We are driven by morals, ethics, experience, and doing what is right.  Listen to our podcast to get to know us better!

Richard Rieckenberg

Richard has rich career experience ranging from a past-life as a tennis pro, working as a Naval Submarine sailor during the Cold War, the Mass Care Chief for The American Red Cross, and consultant for The Air Force space program.  He's a loving husband, father, and grandfather with stories to teach and entertain. 

Liz Roney

Liz started her career working in commercial business in small towns in the Southwest to big-name companies in Boston and Manhattan.  She also currently consults with the Air Force and private industry, focusing her work with young leaders in the cosmetics industry, health care, and government.  Liz is a published author, host of our podcast, and public speaker.

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